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About us

Trading solutions to meet today's challenges and prepare for tomorrow

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  • Simplicity Enable portfolio managers to focus on generating alpha
  • Security Ability to operate in an efficient, secure and flexible framework that meets the highest standards
  • Accessibility Access to improved liquidity channels and attain best execution across all asset classes
  • Agility Benefit from a significant market footprint and reach of an established market participant
  • Flexibility Offer a customised experience across the trade execution chain to meet your specific needs

Our values


A service charge that is unbundled from brokerage fees - fully transparent  order flow - continuous dialogue maintained to provide trade execution services that fully meet your requirements


Consultative and relationship driven approach to designing a service that best supports your frim's trading style with a view to fostering a long-term partnership


With your interests at heart, our unique focus is on obtaining the best price on your behalf while assessing the quality of execution on a continuous basis


Your primary objective is to attain best execution. Our mission is to provide you with value added services that impact your investments positively and also contribute towards reducing costs