Reception and transmission of orders 

NTEX Liquidity Insight ®

About us

The pillars of our offering

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  • Efficiency Cross asset expertise; advising on execution strategies; robust trading setup
  • Proximity Human capital at our core; our onboarding team (market / clients); simplicity : integration within your operational framework, striving for minimal disruption
  • Transparency Access market colors; tailored reporting; Intermediation fees distinct from broker execution fees
  • Innovation Further developments on data and liquidity; Data Science integrated within NTEX; strong CSR conviction

NTEX : much more than outsourced dealing services

Contribution to performance


Execution and pre-and-post trade client engagement are essential for investment performance and market understanding.

Regulatory and market developments

Ongoing monitoring of technological developments and market innovations.
Anticipation of their impacts and adaptability.


Changes in the market structure, the hunt for the best prices and sources of liquidity: all require an increasingly specialized and sophisticated expertise supported by heavy financial and operational resources (Front, IT and Compliance).

Keeping costs under control

The variability of costs and the pooling of IT investments are and will remain critical factors.