Additional services

We offer a customised experience with the ability to integrate our service based on your requirements

We offer front to end onboarding support with the aim of integrating our service within your environment.

Our objective is to ensure efficient implementation, operational stability and flexibility of service over time.

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Client onboarding overview







What can you expect from us?


Best Execution reports

We provide detailed reports to comply with best selection and best execution requirements.

Our trade execution policy is based on a standardized process for selecting financial intermediaries and counterparties, a process for selecting venues and a process for analyzing and selecting reporting systems to attain best execution across the entirety of the trade execution chain.    

Custom dash boards for activity monitoring

We design dashboards to fully your operational requirements (activity statistics, trading volume splits, frequency of publication…) and provide you with a 360 view


Provide support to meet regulatory requirements

In the face of an increasingly complex, risky and demanding environment we strive to support you by providing a robust and complete reporting framework


Market abuse monitoring

    • Established framework to ensure market abuse monitoring and process alerts on a daily basis


    • Personal data repositary

    • Data monitoring by the Data Protection Officer (DPO) with responsibility for data conservation

    Anti-corruption law (Sapin 2)

    • On an annual basis corruption risk mapping is undertaken and our control framework is adapted accordingly

    Counterparty evaluation

    We carry out a periodic evaluation of intermediaries across all market segments that have been selected to execute your orders. Our analysis is based on 3 factors:

    • Defining criteria for evaluating intermediaries for order execution

    • Monitoring execution quality on a counterparty by counterparty basis

    • Periodic evaluation of intermediaries conducted through a broker review committee

    Market color and context 

    Our objective is to provide our clients with access to actionable information and maintain a constant dialogue between us. We publish daily notes and offer privileged access to our traders to provide you with market color.

    Research administration

    We offer a research administration service to support you every step of the way:

    • Unbundling research services from execution for trades intermediated by us on your behalf

    • Centralization

    • Administration and payment of research from a segregated account (Research Payment Account)

    • Budget monitoring and detailed report generation.