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Natixis TradEx Solutions supports “Des Enfants et des Arbres”

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Natixis TradEx Solutions supports “Des Enfants et des Arbres”, a French association which, every year, invites thousands of middle school students to plant trees with farmers in their home department. 

This support, in collaboration with the Natixis Foundation, aims to establish a sponsorship by financially supporting the planting of 250 trees, and also to enable Natixis TradEx Solutions employees to actively participate in this planting through a solidarity day.


“When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and seeds of hope.” Wangari Maathai.


Des Enfants et des Arbres : What is it? 

A French association which seeks to encourage agroecological transition and the protection of biodiversity by raising awareness among children about the benefits of trees, while involving schools in the implementation of agroforestry and the planting of hedgerows.
Thanks to it, over 10,000 primary and middle school students have become actors in the agroecological transition by planting nearly 50,000 trees alongside 180 farmers across the country over the past three winters. 
Its approach is clearly outlined in a beautiful documentary "Le temps des arbres" available on the Children and Trees website: 


Why get involved? 

For several years now, NTEX has been committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and has been involved in general interest actions that combine solidarity and environmental protection. This includes our support for Faustine Noel, a high-level athlete in Parabadminton, and our CSR assessment of brokers and counterparties.
At NTEX, we understand the importance of being a key part of the human and social ecosystem in which we collectively or individually evolve, to promote and support the necessary transition. We choose to create links with our environment and integrate our company into a citizen and ecological synergy, as virtuous as it is impactful.

Marie-Laure Faller, Managing Director of Natixs TradEx Solutions, emphasized: 
"I am delighted that this project has been chosen by the NTEX CSR team, and to see our company actively engage alongside the 'Des Enfants et des Arbres' association to support agroecological transition and biodiversity protection. Together, we can have a positive and lasting impact for future generations."

To make a contribution to this wonderful initiative: 

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